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Even easier; any good fencing supplies will take your requirements a give you a costed materials list. Add in possible delivery charges, consumables and iron mongerey plus markup labour, back divide by 270 to get your average charge per meter.

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Labour plus materials included, the fencing is priced per meter and depending on location and type used, post and gravel boards used. The price starts from larch lap panel at £50-55 per meter and if is close boarded price starts at £60-65 per meter.

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Total Price. When choosing the 1.8 m high Good Neighbour Fencing, the gap between the palings is a standard 30 mm on both sides. Calculations are based on post spacings of: 2350 mm centres, so you can span a full 4.8 metre length of rails over 2 bays. Gates can be made to specific sizes if required and they can be automated for your convenience.

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8 fence panels supplied and installed and old panels removed. Also some minor gardening remedial work, shrub clearnance etc 2017 £900: Krzysztof South £100 per panel is to much. we at redacted charge around £80 for each panel fised, this is with board and post. call us redacted 2017 £80 per panel

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At Stewart Timber, weve developed a nifty calculator to help you estimate the price of a fencing project, allowing you to work out your fencing price per metre. Its not as simple as just accounting for how much the wood costs though Theres a lot more to take into account when working how much your fencing project is going to cost.

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Costs of different types of fencing. Prices stated here do not include demolition and removal of your old fences. As well they dont include the price of clearing the fence alignment. A standard paling fence could cost around $67 per lineal metre to supply and erect. While colorbond fencing would cost you more like $100 per lineal metre to supply and erect.

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Gardening prices for fencing. 25 meters of fencing to be erected. 14 4x4 posts to be dug and set in concrete.18 4.2m Rails and 140 7ft 6"x1" boards to be fitted. Small bushes and trees to be cut away so posts can be placed. All materials except screws/nails supplied.

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Garden Fencing - cost per metre to have in installed feet long but has no wooden fence whatsoever on either side. and £ 1080 at £ 30 per metre joiners are

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There are 3 boundary fences to be replaced, total length of 76.5m. All Seven Trust posts with pine rails and palings. The 3 fences are approximately equal in length, within a metre. Two of the fences are to be bolted to the new retaining walls, I believe the 3rd fence is to be post in ground. Each fence was quoted separately.

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4 Answers. Hello if you want it tough and last there isnt much between close board panels and close board bays if you go with a bay on timber works out about £35 a meter £700 but with panels on a concrete gravel board and concrete post it's about 90 a panel roughly 12 panels £1080 many thanks Jamie Geary power fencing.

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1.8m 3 Rail Treated Pine Paling Fence STANDARD POST per metre NOTE: Price for FENCES are the Lineal Metre Rate. For example a quantity Qty of 5 is 5 Lineal Metres.

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How much does timber fencing installation cost? As a rough guide, having a 1.8 metre high timber paling fence installed by a professional should cost from $75 per metre, but it will depend on the size of the fence and other factors. Fencing contractors will also usually charge a lower rate for longer runs of fencing.

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Estimate The Cost. If yours varies in height, the next higher sized fence material will be needed, eg; a fence 1.6m high should be costed at the rate of fencing 1.8m high . Once you know the type and height of the fences you require, you can estimate the cost by multipling the per metre price by the length of your fence.

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I got several quotes for a 30m fence 1.2m high plus a gate . Best was $4500, reusing main posts and half depth trellis around the top which saved a lot of money. He did an exceptional job. I had other quotes of around $6000 for a much plainer fence which I thought was a bit steep.

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A friend was recently researching this and found that the high average rate was about £50-£60 per metre for 6 foot high fencing with gravel boards and concrete posts - materials and labour all in - if you have to remove old stuff - would be extra. This is page 1 of 1 This thread has 6 messages.

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Providing a concrete nib helps prevent grass and weeds growing under the fence and a provides a wall to place soil, stones, bark etc up to. The nib can be widened to provide a mowing strip, allow an addition $8-10 per 100mm width per LM. Of course going with timber brings with it the obligation to maintain it.

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Paling Fence - $60-$120 per linear meter, depending on height and type of wood. Staining or painting a wooden fence may also be over and above the cost per linear metre. Treated or Seven Trust options will add more expense.

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not sure on the per metre cost - as we supplied a lot of the materials - but fencing we had done recently was $30 an hour for labour $75 an hour with the tractor hire . basically got a weeks worth of fencing moving post and rails around and putting in a small yard, race, couple of gates and 50m of 7 wire batten for $3500.

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37ft fencing, variety of 5ft and 6ft high close board wooden fence panels, 12 concrete gravel boards and 9 concrete posts. £35 per metre is the minimum for a 6ft